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Drawing from more than forty years of technology, innovation, and design to meet the performance demands of today’s avid bass angler, the G. Loomis NRX+ Spin Jig Spinning Rods deliver unmatched quality and performance that is precision tuned for finesse applications. Featuring American made blanks rolled with proprietary Spiral X technology, the G. Loomis NRX+ Spin Jig Spinning Rods provide ultra-fast recovery for increased casting distance, heightened sensitivity, and drastic weight reduction. The multi-tapered design also reinforces potential stress points within the blank while reducing unnecessary graphite material. They are outfitted with custom CI4+ reel seats to maximize an angler’s connection to the blank for unsurpassed bite transmission and all-day comfort as well. Equipped with a hybrid guide train, the G. Loomis NRX+ Spin Jig Spinning Rods empower anglers to make long, accurate casts for increased effectiveness on the water. They also feature premium split grip cork handles that increase vibration transmissions to your hand and improve the balance of the rods. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate drop shot rod and a new hair jig rod, the G. Loomis NRX+ Spin Jig Spinning Rods offer precision tuned performance for the most demanding tournament anglers.

Key Features

  • Spiral X graphite construction
  • Multi-Taper Design reinforces potential stress points within the blank while reducing unnecessary graphite material
  • Fuji Titanium SIC stripper guides
  • Ultra-lite, ultra-strong RECOIL guides
  • Custom CI4+ reel seat
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington

Featured Technologies

  • Ci4+ Reel Seat
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G Loomis NRX+ DROPSHOT SPIN detail image 1
G Loomis NRX+ DROPSHOT SPIN detail image 1

Models Available

NRX+ DROPSHOT SPIN Product Variants
Sku Model LengthPowerAction PiecesLine (lb)Lure (oz)HandlePrice
12866-01 NRX+ 822S DSR 6'10"Mag-MediumExtra Fast 1 8-141/8-3/8NRX $699.00


  • Ci4+ Reel Seat

    Ci4+ Reel Seat

    CI4 is an original material reinforced with carbon fiber that is lighter and has a higher strength than conventional resin material. CI4+ is an advanced version of the original CI4 material and is 2.5x more rigid than its predecessor. The use of CI4+ for the reel seat increases sensitivity and reduces weight while also delivering remarkable rigidity for perfect reel fixation and better rod efficiency.



    Since 1982, we’ve pushed the boundaries of manufacturing technology, materials innovation, and product design. That’s why G. Loomis rods deliver superior performance, heightening angler experience and effectiveness on the water. While there are countless examples of this philosophy in action, one technology in particular encapsulates our drive to build the most advanced rods in the world: Multi-Taper Design.

    Multi-Taper Design is best described as a series of “micro-tapers” within the overall taper of the rod. This unique, proprietary process allows us to use more material on potential break points and less material everywhere else. To accomplish this, we manufactured a custom rolling table...and it’s the only one in existence today. The result is a catalog of precisely defined actions that strike a perfect balance between durability and performance.



    This is the description.Shimano’s proprietary Spiral X technology utilizes triple layer construction consisting of an oblique fiber core layer, a longitudinal middle layer, and a reverse-oblique fiber outer layer. This unique construction increases rigidity without increasing weight, providing virtually instantaneous power transmission when casting or fighting a fish.

    Spiral X construction consists of three layers: an inner and outer layer of seamless Infinity Tape tightly wound diagonally in opposite directions, and a layer of vertical fibers called Muscle Carbon in between. Utilizing Infinity Tape in place of a traditional sheet of horizontal fibers reduces overall weight and creates actions with superior torsional rigidity and hoop strength.

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